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News Portal Solution

If you want to publish news on your website, you are at the right place. News Script PHP is a simple php / mysql based script that is very easy to install and administer. Visitors to your website will be able to read news, articles, interviews, stories and events which you have posted.

Product Features

you may want to add Categories, or News Headlines for your home page, or Vertical(Horizontal) News Slider, or News Ticker, or Comments, or enything else

    • simple one-step installation
    • easy to place on your webpage - copy and paste a single line of code
    • fully responsive - work well on mobile devices
    • password protected admin area with multiple options and features that you can control
    • publish news in any language
    • three different options of displaying your news page
    • text editor with ability to upload images and embed youtube videos into the news content
    • caption below the article image
    • categories for the news(optional)
    • news search box (optional)
    • share buttons underneath each article
    • automatic meta tags fetched from the news title and summary
    • adjusting number of news items per page.
    • full control over visual style of the news
    • complete control over image placement on the page (left, right, top and bottom)
    • ability to resize the image to fit the article
    • view counter(article hits) for each news article
    • set default time zone
    • zoom on the news image
    • RSS News Feed with images, validated by w3c
    • Simple, uncomplicated script with easy to understand menus, features, etc.
    • anyone with a minimum knowledge of websites can install and make this script work
    • open source code suitable to the latest PHP/HTML code standards